Paul Edmonds

A stylish new product range for this celebrated hair artist.

We created the look for a product range to be launched by celebrated hairdresser Paul Edmonds who blends technical excellence, intuition and artistry to accentuate unique beauty. With a logo and packaging componentry in place, we conceptualised and produced the artwork, putting the man himself centre stage while allowing the beautiful formulations to shine through. Art directing stunning photography helped it fly out of the online shop into the loveliest London bathrooms and onto beauty editors’ pages.

From Paul Edmonds London
They consistently deliver creative work for us that truly reflect the premium quality and values of The Paul Edmonds Brand, on time and within our budget. We are very proud of the creative work they have created for us! Fresh Start Creative have a passion for design and a great company to help bring some of our creative projects to fruition. They are design professionals open to the client's input and will work with you to come up with the best solutions for all your creative needs, with an uncompromising eye for consistency and detail. We have great pleasure in recommending Fresh Start Creative.
Yashar Rasekh

At Paul Edmonds